Law of Sedition

WHEREAS there is a need to review the current law of sedition to reflect the needs of Solomon Islands.

AND WHEREAS the present law of sedition may well be regarded as part of the criminal law system of Solomon Islands and should become part of the Penal Code.

NOW THEREFORE, in exercise of the powers conferred by section 5(1) of the Law Reform Commission Act, 1994, I, OLIVER ZAPO, Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs hereby refer to the Law Reform Commission the following –

To enquire and report to me on –

  1. The review of the sedition law in Solomon Islands
  2. Recommend changes, if any, to reflect the current needs of Solomon Islands.

Dated at Honiara this 30th day of May 1995.


Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs

NB: Explanation: The law of sedition is about unlawful behaviour against the Head of State or the Government or causing hatred amongst the citizens of Solomon Islands against the good order and security of Solomon Islands and its citizens. The time has now come to review this law and bring about changes if necessary.

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