Customs and Excise Act - Penal Provisions

WHEREAS the penal provisions of the Customs & Excise Act (Cap.58) are already under review by the Commission by virtue of a previous reference dated 1st May, 1995.

AND WHEREAS the Controller of Customs & Excise has further requested that the whole of the current Customs & Excise Act be reviewed at the same time together with the previous reference.

AND WHEREAS in view of this further request, a supplementary reference now becomes necessary.

NOW THEREFORE in exercise of the powers conferred by section 5(1) of the Law Reform Commission Act, 1994, I OLIVER ZAPO, Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs hereby refer to the Law Reform Commission the following:‐

To enquire and report to me on‐

  1. The review of the provisions of the Customs & Excise Act (Cap.58);
  2. Reforms necessary to reflect the needs in the country of an effective customs and excise law.

Dated at Honiara 2nd day of February 1996.


Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs

NB: Explanation: Apart from the need to increase the penalties in the Customs & excise Act, the review of the main Act itself is also overdue. It is therefore necessary to review the main Act as well.

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