Building Code

WHEREAS the present building code in Solomon Islands is out of date and is totally inadequate.

AND WHEREAS the safety standard of all buildings in Solomon Islands must be of the highest order in order to provide a reasonable quality of life to the users thereof.

NOW THEREFORE in exercise of the powers conferred by section 5(1) of the Law Reform Commission Act, 1994 I, OLIVER ZAPO, Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs hereby refer to the Law Reform Commission the following –

To enquire and report to me on –

  1. The review of the law relating to building standard in Solomon Islands.
  2. Reforms necessary to meet the current needs of Solomon Islands in terms of safety for all.

Dated at Honiara this 1st day of May 1995.


Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs

NB: Explanation: The building code currently in use under the authority of Honiara Town Council is totally inadequate to meet the needs of Solomon Islands. This code should now be reviewed and further improved.

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