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The Commission's Work

The Commssion reviews the existing laws of the Solomon Islands in accordance with references given by the Minister for Justice and Legal Affairs.

A reference can tell the Commission to review an area of the law, or direct it to review and report on specific questions or issues.

The Commission completes its work when it sends to report containing recommendations for reform of the law to the Minister for Justice and Legal Affairs. It is the role of Parliament to implement some or all of those recommendations and make changes to the law.

Our Vision

“Solomon Islanders will have laws that are just, equitable, relevant, responsive, effective and equally accessible to all to ensure peace, good governance and sustainable development.”

The Mission

“To review and make recommendations to the Government in relation to the reform of laws in keeping with the changing needs of Solomon Islands society.”


In all our dealings, the Commission will strive to be guided by the following values:


The Commission respects the independence it has been given and will ensure it fully meets the obligations, accountability and transparency as required.


The Commission will adhere to the principles of impartiality and objectivity, in the exercise and performance of its powers and functions.

Ethical behaviour

The Commission seeks to be professional, fair and act in the best interest of justice with dignity, integrity and honesty.


The Commission will work in partnership with stakeholders to achieve effective and efficient justice sector service delivery.


The Commission will ensure that it performs its duties in a competent manner to ensure it maintains the confidence that stakeholders will have towards it as a justice institution.


The Commission will ensure fairness in its service delivery functions.

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